We publish our intervention during the rally organized in Milan by the comrades of Prospettiva Marxista, in the context of the joint internationalist initiatives against the Russian-Ukrainian imperialist war. [1]

As internationalist communists, we are not “neither-nor-ists” as the bourgeois propagandists like to call anyone who doesn’t march to the rhythm of their bass drum, at the rate of so much per row. We are, to use their clownish language, “with-against-ists”, with the international working class and against world capital and its national fractions; we are with the Ukrainian and Russian proletariat and against the Ukrainian and Russian bourgeoisie; with the revolutionary struggle of the working class against Russian, U.S., Chinese, German and world imperialism.

To the mercenary intellectuals, more or less left wing, who have discovered the virtues of the warrior and who sing contemptuous choruses against those who are not willing to be taught their little lessons on morality, honor, courage and “fight for freedom”, we answer as Liebknecht to his judges: your honor is not ours!

Pacifists until yesterday, professional condemners of all violence, today they snarl with ferocity even against those who have taken their sermons of the day before for good, against those who, displaced by so much sudden Manichaeism, invoke “complexity”.

What about us? We internationalist communists?

“Obscene and immoral” today, corpses on vacation tomorrow. This is what we are.

We know, from historical experience, the outline of the theme that the bourgeoisie assigns to its Pied Pipers: insults, mockery and verbal violence until we are a danger, and, should we become one, in the columns of their dirty newspapers they will write: kill Liebknecht!

Yesterday we were agents of the Kaiser or the Gestapo, today we are “Putin’s children”, the word of the great-grandchildren of His Majesty the Capital.

In fact, we can agree with those who deny the complexity of the situation, and from a certain point of view we can even accept the definition “neither-nor-ists”: in fact we are neither pacifists nor neutralists. There is nothing complex about this. We don’t believe that permanent peace is possible between states under a capitalist regime, and we are openly sided, undeniably partisan, stubbornly biased, not at all neutral in all the wars that the bourgeoisie always unleashes against our class, the working class, at every latitude and longitude on this planet. We are warmongers, belligerents and interventionists in the class war of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. We admit no disarmament or respite from this war.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen a lot of internationalist capitulations, retreats, armistices, “pacification pacts”… after all, it’s in moments of historical solicitation that theoretical chickens finally coming home to roost. Not too bad. Let’s take note, let’s measure the distance, let’s draw some boundaries.

As we have already said, one does not choose under what conditions to be an internationalist, nor how to be one. There is only one way to be an internationalist, take it or leave it. We and the comrades of Prospettiva Marxista have made our choice, a choice of identity, and we will make every effort to live up to it. The road is difficult but it is open to anyone who wants to take it without inventing shortcuts.

Milan, April 30, 2022 


[1] Thank to the Left Wing Communism website for the translation.


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